Massive update. Removing old ones and adding new. This was long overdue.

Updated list to remove old and outdated ones.

Changed all of the repos that support it to HTTPS.

Removed all MyRepoSpace repos, and moved them to a seperate package (edit Jan 9, 2016: now removed since MyRepoSpace closed) because of security issues and the fact that some users do not like MyRepoSpace.

Added brycedev's repo

Added iRepo

Added TsundereDev's repo

Fixed Skylerk99's repo

Changed CokePokes' repo to new address

Adding conflict with Condensed Recommended Sources (edit Jan 9, 2016: package now removed since it's unnecessary)

Fixed installation issue with 1.2.2-1

Added three new repos

Removed dead/empty repos

Removed Jonas Gesser's repo because of the GPG error which is incredibly annoying

Added Cydia Timeout as a dependency (you're just insane if you don't want that)

Removed 4 dead repos

Fixed incorrect repo

Fixed installation issue with 1.2-1

Added many more repos (91 more)

Fixed changed domains

Removing repo with pirated content

Added s1ris' new GitHub repo, but kept the old two as they are still active and some packages are not on his GitHub yet

Added many more repos (46 more, exactly double the previous amount)

Added BetterSemiRestore repo (since this version of BSR actually does work and is good)

Fixed CoreDev repo

Changed PoomSmart's repo to his new GitHub one

Changed to Exile90's new domain

Added Elijah and Andrew's repo

Added Tony99's repo

Initial release